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Community, Health, Safety, Environment, & Security (CASHES) Policies

Somnat integrated services limited is committed to conducting business activities in a manner that will safeguard the health and safety of its employees and of all persons affected by its activities, and that effectively protects the environment.

Our goal is to achieve and maintain HSE performance excellence. The policy is supported by our Vision and Values. Our HSE policy outlines our expectations from a corporate level and is endorsed by our management team.

All levels of management are responsible and will be held accountable for providing leadership, visible commitment, direction and resources to meet our identified HSE performance targets.

All employees, contractors and others engaged by SISL share the responsibility to work in a manner that will protect themselves, fellow employees, the public and our environment from harm. We seek to continuously improve HSE performance and meet or exceed industry best practices.

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Our mission is to create a work environment in which the host communities and the company become fundamentally interdependent. This is done with a mutual under-standing and commitment to growth and development. Our commitment to community development is based on the following objectives:

  • Integrated planning and execution of community development programs, with full community input and participation
  • Sustainable empowerment of the indigenous host communities through the provision of employment and improved welfare
  • Adoption of best practices that guarantee community-friendly operations.

Somnat Integrated Services limited keenly advise clients, partners and staff on equitable levels of environmental safeguards to be incorporated to a project where a hazard may not be covered by regulations or client’s policy. We strive to preserve a clean and healthy environment at all times. SISL is bound by the following principles:

  • The ultimate responsibility for the protection of the environment is with senior management, who in turn ensure that every employee is accountable for meeting the company’s environmental goals.
  • Our goal is zero spills and environmental releases.
  • To run the company on a sustain-able financial basis of profitable growth
  • We operate in a manner that protects the environment, which is the top priority of our operational plans.

We strongly believe that our success is directly linked to the health and safety of our employees, clients and our reputation as a leader in environmental conservation.

In line with the strategic direction of Somnat Integrated Services limited, our resolute policy is to consciously determine the stated and implied needs and expectations of interested parties - customers, legal & regulatory entities, government, shareholders, employees, suppliers and community - relevant to our business of onshore/offshore pipeline construction and fabrication, provision of pipeline services, equipment leasing and procurement and ensure that their requirements are met.

We shall focus on continual improvement of our quality performance and quality management system performance by taking applicable action to effectively address any identified shortfall while encouraging next practice innovations and ideas in all our dealings.

In support of the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Act, which was signed into law on the 22nd April 2010, we are committed to maximizing in a sustainable manner the use of Nigerian human resources, materials, equipment and services in our operations without compromising the company’s values, quality, health, and safety and environment standards.

In order to contribute to the development of Nigeria’s industrial capabilities and competencies and supporting the nation’s economy, we shall seek to maximize the participation of Nigerian businesses and local contractors in our operations in compliance with the Nigerian Oil & Gas Industry Content Development Act, 2010. Reason-able measures shall be undertaken at all times to meet requisite Nigerian Content levels.

As an oil and gas service provider, we shall implement government policies/approved Nigerian Content Plan without compromising the intent of achieving the best overall value for the Project in terms of price, quality, efficiency, delivery and operating parameters. We will also strive to maintain the close rapport we have built with the Nigerian Content Development and Monitoring Board.

We take pride in the reputation we have built with our clients some of which include:

  • NLNG

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